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I Am RaRa

I am RaRa, Founder and Owner of RaRa's Style Appeal. I'm in service as a Style Influencer, Virtual Fashion Stylist and blogger of beauty, fashion and style. We are all born with our own unique image on which we can be just as creative as a painter painting on a canvas.  We can create our own style appeal! As a little girl, I remember going to visit my grandmother one day and watching her in amazement. She had just finished doing some chores and made a spontaneous decision to get dressed up from head to toe. My mother and I followed her into her bedroom and watched as she changed into a fabulous long lavender sleeveless dress with a high front split on one side up to her thigh. She put on a pair of matching arm-length gloves, a pearl necklace and earrings, a cocktail ring and lavender heels. Then, in five minutes, she beat her face with glamorous makeup and put on a fabulous wig. I watched intently as she handed my mother her camera and proudly struck a pose fit for the cover of Vogue magazine. A couple of days later, my mother and I went back to visit my grandmother and there was a framed photo of her in that moment proudly placed on the top shelf of her etagere. That moment has forever stayed etched in my memory.  Unbeknownst to me, years later, I am now following in my grandmother's footsteps by posting photos of myself dressed in stylish apparel on social media.

I consider beauty, fashion and style as an ongoing journey. It does not start from without, but it starts from within. The more you discover how fabulous you already are within, then the more you will express through your own style appeal!


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